The advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology

Physical refinery technology is suitable for crude oil with low gums and high free fatty acid content, such as crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil. The total palm oil physical refining process contains degumming, decolorization, deacidification and deodorization. 

The biggest advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology is that in deacidification process, free fatty acid are taken away by high temperature steams in the vacuum deodourization tank instead of neutralization reaction in palm oil chemical refinery process. 

palm oil refinery process flow chartPalm oil physical refinery process flow chart

Then what advantages else of palm oil physical refinery technology? Go on reading!

1.Low oil loss rate in the palm oil refinery process

Free fatty acid is removed away in the deodorization tank, the oil loss rate in this process will be small than chemical way. Normally it is 1.05-1.1%, but for chemical way, the oil loss rate will be about 1.4%

2.Low waste water and no chemicals in deacidification process

High pressure steam will take away free fatty acid, so don’t need to add NaOH to neutralize the FFA. Besides, the oil will not be washed again, which will decrease the sludge water caused by chemical way.

3.Low production cost of palm oil physical refinery technology

palm oil physical refining processDeacidification and deodorization process are done in one tower 

Deacidification and deodorization can be done in one tower only using high pressure steam. At the same time, palm oil physical refinery technology are continuous processing way, which will save labors, because most works are done by machine automatically.

4.You can get high quality RBD palm oil:

It can handle high free fatty acid crude palm oil, and final get high quality refined palm oil with low acid value. The RBD palm oil quality will be better than that is refined by chemical refinery technology.

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