What is the reason of sunflower oil dewaxing?

sunflower oil refining machine
Sunflower oil  refining machine

Sunflower oil is different with other vegetable oil, for sunflower oil contains too much wax. Normally crude sunflower oil wax contains about 0.06-0.1%, The exist of wax will make bad effect on sunflower oil taste and transparency,especially when cooking, this sunflower oil will have smoke and strong smell, so wax must be removed after sunflower oil refining process.

Sunflower oil dewaxing process:
Crude sunflower oil heating - heat exchanging- Cooling -crystallizing –maturating- filtering - heat exchanging - final edible oil
Main machine for sunflower oil dewaxing:
1. Cooling system
2. Heat exchanger
3. Cystallizers
4. Maturators
5. Filters

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