Peanut oil refinery plant

The purpose of peanut oil refinery plant:
Peanut oil refinery plant is according to the different usage and requirements , utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude peanut oil , getting some standard oil .
Daily treatment: 5T,10T,20 T,30 T, 50T, 80T, 150T, 200T, 300T, 450T, 800 T, 1000 T, 2000T.

different capacity peanut oil refinery machine  
Different capacity peanut oil refinery machine

Features of peanut oil refinery plant:
1. High oil yeild & low waste
2. Stable performance
3. Unique design for each customer
4. Newest technology and automatic
Work flow for peanut oil refinery plant:
Crude peanut oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization →dewaxing→ refined peanut oil.
peanut oil refining process
Peanut oil refining process
           Crude Oil
Hot waterDegummingGums
Alkali liquorDeacidficationSoap Stock
White ClayDecolorizationWaste Clay
           Refined Oil

1>DegummingDegumming removes gums as  preparation for subsequent refining processes.
2>DeacidificationDeacidification removes FFA (free fatty acid) in crude oil.
3>Decolorization: Decolorization removes pigments in crude oil by adding white clay, which can improve the oil quality.
4>Deodorization : Deodorization removes odor in crude oil, which can improve the flavor, stability, color and quality of the oil.
In general, there're 3 types of peanut oil refinery workshop, batch, semi-continuous, and continuous refinery workshop.

Peanut oil refinery plant working process:
(1)Pump crude peanut oil into refining tank and heat with conduction oil, and the temperature will reach about 70°C-80°C after one hour. Add acid or alkali to separate according to the acid value. After one hour's processing and 4-6 hours deposit, then convey soap stock to storage tank.
(2) Pump refined peanut oil into decolorizing tank. When it is up to 90-110 °c after one hour's heating, add clay into tank for 20 minutes processing. Then clay and oil are separate by filter.
(3)Put discolored oil into deodorization tank with vacuum pump. Heat and process with steam for odor removal. After filtering, you will get final oil product.
As a professional peanut oil refinery plant manufacturer who is devoted to processing pure edible oil for worldwide customers, we can provide professional technical support and manufacture first rate oil machines for your peanut oil refining. Our corn germ oil refinery plant is used to process various kinds of oilseeds such as peanuts, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, rice bran ,and palm, etc. And our peanut oil refinery plant capacity can be customized. The complete peanut oil refinery plant can work independently or together with whole oil production line.

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