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In solvent extraction plant, mechanical method is followed that comprises of high temperature, high pressure and high moisture. This helps in color fixation, oxidation and hydrolysis. There are some seeds like rice bran and soya that cannot be handled by the expellers.

Continuous solvent extraction plant is capable of handling all materials. It does not cause any kind of change of in the property of oil; instead, it recovers it with all the similar properties present in the raw material. We have solvent extraction plant in the capacity ranging from 50 TPD to 2000 TPD.

solvent extraction workshop
Cooking oil solvent extraction workshop

Our continuous solvent extraction plant consists of:
    Seed preparatory section
    Solvent extraction section
    Distillation section
    Meal de-solventising section
    Recuperation section
    Meal conditioning section

solvent extraction workshop

The solvent extraction plant installation site

Special features of solvent extraction plant:

    Reduces the steam consumption.
    Increases the capacity of distillation
    Section increases the capacity of condensing section.

The miscella is pumped from the tank through the vapor economizer, to the first evaporator. The construction of the economizer unit well designed for effective utilization of heat of vapors emerging from the desolventizer toaster.

The miscella obtained from the economizer is concentrated and in the first evaporator, it is rapidly by means of low pressure steam. It then enters into the flasher, where solvent vapors are flashed off. The oil rich miscella thus obtained is charged into the second evaporator & stripper. Liquid solvent is re-circulated back to the process through solvent water separator along with condensation of flashed off solvent vapors into the condensers.

The factors responsible for good quality of oil are distillation system operating under high vacuum and lower temperatures and along with it short distillation period. Also, in addition to distillation system, final drying of oil in final oil heater is also done for production of oil with exceptionally low volatiles in it.


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