Sunflower seed oil production process

Sunflower seed oil is a cash yellow, fresh texture, contains vitamin A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids.How to get the sunflower oil from the sunflower seed? The basic sunflower seed oil production process is: pretreatment - pre-pressing - Leaching(solvent extraction) - refining.

sunflower seed oil production machine
Sunflower seed oil production machine

Sunflower oil press machine pretreatment process:
Sunflower seed →cleaning→huskingshell kernel separationcrushing →softening→flaking→cooking→pressing→filtering

Sunflower oil leaching(solvent extraction) process:
Sunflower seed cakeextractmixed oil treatmentcrude oil→refining workshop
wet cake steamingfinished meal→refining workshop

sunflower oil solvent extraction process
Sunflower oil solvent extraction process

Sunflower oil refining process:
Crude sunflower seed oil degummingdeacidificationdecoloringdeodorizationdewaxingrefined sunflower oil

sunflower oil refining process
Sunflower seed oil refining process

Our of sunflower oil production line configuration can be according to customer requirements and target price for the design process of the customer, under normal circumstances, the engineer will process customer equipped with the latest technology.

Our sunflower oil production line process characteristics:
1, leaching device adopting the high technology, according to the different yield by different leaching device, effect good permeability, wet meal containing low melting, in less solvents can ensure the residual oil in meal is less than or equal to 1.0%, increasing the concentration of mixed oil, can reduce the number of solvent evaporation;
2, using the heat exchanger to recover the heat energy, saving energy and heat energy.

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