Rice bran oil press machine

Many countries in the world grow rich two or three seasons every year, and abundant rice bran is also produced at the same time. But rice bran in many places is burned as fuel or used as fertilizer, even piled up there for long time, which is easy to cause fire disaster, that’s the biggest waste.  

Rice bran contents 16%-20% oil, which is one of top 3 oils recommended as healthy oil by WHO, and its price is much higher than other normal oils. Our team is willing to be your considerate consultant to help you extract the max oil from rice bran, and make the waste rice bran into fortune.  

We can offer turnkey service for rice bran oil press machine with general capacity from 10 to 3000TPD. For special capacity, our engineers can also help you design and install workshop according to your capacity and requirements.
Here,i will make a brief intraoduction of the rice bran oil press machine:

Raw material (rice bran)→ Cleaning→ Puffing(extrusion machine)→ Solvent extraction plant→ Refinery plant→ High quality refined rice bran oil
oil seeds cleaning machine
Rice bran cleaning machine

rice bran puffing machine
Rice bran puffing machine

solvent extraction machine

Rice bran solvent extraction workshop 

1. Cleaning:
Same with other oil processing plant, rice bran needs cleaning section to remove mechanical imurities in rice bran to impove oil yeild rate.

2. Puffing :
Puffing destory oil seeds cell completely with high temperature, high pressure, etc. Puffing is the most important part of rice bran oil pretreatment.

3.Solvent extraction workshop:
After puffing,the rice bran will be send into the solvent extraction workshop for further processing.

Advantages of rice bran oil press machine:
1.High oil output rate
2.Save energy,save labor and money
3.The quality of oil is pure
4.Workshop area is small
5.High hardness and strength, good abrasion resistance and long using life
6.Efficient oil producing, easy operating, high automatic

We have been specialized in rice bran oil press machine since 1967. We can offer turnkey service of rice bran oil press machine and our professional engineers can help you design and install workshop according to your real conditions. If you want to know more about rice bran oil press machine, Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!


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