Edible oil production line:oil press,oil solvent extraction,oil refining plant

The whole edible oil production line includes edible oil pressing plant, edible oil solvent extraction plant and edible oil refining plant. Henan Doing Machanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an professional manufacturer to produce oil machines of all kinds of oil seeds, such as peanut / groundnut, sesame, sunflower, cotton seed, rice bran, rapeseed, soybean, and palm kernel etc.

Oilseeds scope:

various kinds of oil seeds
Various kinds of oilseeds
Pretreatment and Prepressing section in edible oil production line:

The entire edible oil pretreatment and pressing plant generally includes cleaning, hulling/husking, crushing, flaking, softening, cooking, pressing
and filtering.

edible oil pretreatment machine
Vegetable oil pretreatment machine

Function of edible oil pretreatment production line:

Oil seeds cleaning machine In order to remove the various impurities such as soil, stem and leaf, hull and moldy seeds, so that can prevent damaging the equipment and occuring safety accidents.
Oil seeds husking machine In order to improve the oil yielding rate and the quality of crude oil and meal, reduce the wear to the equipment, the hull must be removed.
Oil seeds crushing machine Crushing process is not required for all kinds oil seeds, it focus on big-size oil seeds, like peanut kernel, soybean, copra, prepressed cakes etc, they are required to a certain size, then effectively processing by follow-up processes flaking, pressing or prepressing.
Oil seeds flaking machine Generally, flaking machine is needed for oil seeds pretreatment before solvent extraction, which help thin oil seeds and large the oil surface in solvent extraction.
Oil seeds puffing machine puffing process/puffing machine impoves quality of crude oil and meal, also helps to increase oil yeild rate.
Oil seeds cooking machine This processing can improve prepressing oil yielding rate and the quality of the cake, adjust the moisture, temperature and plasticity of the flake.
Edible oil pressing machine Pressing machine/prepressing machine/oil press is always used in oil processing such as peanut, sunflower seed, sesame,etc. For small scale oil processing line and large scale oil processing line, machines needed are different.
Edible oil filtering machine Oil filter can guarantee get more pure pressed cooking oil.

Solvent extraction section in edible oil production line:

Edible oil solvent extraction production line includes extracting, desolventising, evaporating and stripping and solvent recycling.

edible oil extraction machine
Edible oil production line

Function of edible oil solvent extraction production line:

Extracting: To extract the oil in the cake by solvent, the general solvent is 6# extraction solvent oil or commercial hexane.
Desolventising: To remove and recover the solvent in the meal; Dry and cool down the meal at the same time.
Evaporating and stripping: Heating the the miscella by indirect steam, so that can vaporize the solvent and concentrate the miscella.
Solvent recycling: This process is to recover the solvent, decrease solvent comsuption, keep safety prodution and improve product quality.

Refining section in edible oil production line:

Edible oil refining production line includes degumming, decoloring, deodorization, removing wax, fractionation etc.
edible oil refinery machine
Edible oil refining machine

Quality requirements of crude edible oil:

1. Moisture and volatile matter of crude oil:≤0.25%
2. Impurity content of crude oil:≤0.2%
3. Acid value of crude oil(mgKOH/g):≤7

Function of edible oil refining production line :

Refining section: Used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing.
Decoloring section: Used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease dehydrate.
Deodorizing section: To remove off the odor components in oil.
Dewax: Used to remove off the wax in the oil, in order to get the high quality oil.

We can supply:

1.1-1000 t/d automatic complete equipments of edible oil seeds press production line.
2.1-800 t/d automatic complete rotary-type and loop-type cooking oil solvent extraction production line.
3.1-10 t/d small scale sets of edible oil refining equipments.
4.1-500 t/d automatic sets of cooking oil refining production line;

Any questions about edible oil production line, please don't hesitate to contact us, and our engineer is waiting to answer your questions.


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