What is whole line of sunflower seeds oil production plant?

What is whole line of sunflower seeds oil production plant?
Sunflower seeds can for cooking oil,nice favor, sunflower seeds oil content up to 49% or more, the oil yield of 40%. sunflower oil transparent color, pleasant aroma, taste pure, non-greasy, not frozen winter. It contains vitamins A, E, carotenoids and essential unsaturated fatty acids, lower blood pressure, lower serum cholesterol, known as the 21st Century "healthy nutrition oil. Now it’s popular for cooking oil.
 sunflower seed oil machine
Sunflower seed oil production machine

Technology of sunflower seeds oil production plant,main parts including:
1. Sunflower seeds pre-treatment
  This part including sunflower seed huller,seeds cleaning sieve,de-stone,dust filter
2. Sunflower seeds pressing
  Main machine including sunflower seeds pressing, conveyor,
3. Sunflower crude oil refining plant
   1)Crude sunflower oil
   3)bleaching and hydration\
   4) deodorization
   5) dewaxing
Our company professionally engaged in and researched sunflower oil machinery,sunflower crude oil refinery,oil tanks, and related related auxiliary equipment.

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