What are the effect factors of oil color ?

We all know that, the brihter oil color is, the higher oil quality is. How to brighten oil color and impove oil quality? As manufacturer of oil extraction machines, here we will introducr effect factors of oil color in details.
In genreal, pure water is transparent while oil contains many other substainces. Thus the brighter oil color is, the purer oil is, the better oil extraction efficiency is.

oil refinery plant
Main equipment deodorization tower

1. Decolorization process remove pigments in oil to reduce pigment content in oil and force oil color to white.
2. Degumming removes gums in oil to make oil more transparent.
3. Dedorization and other oil extraction process can also help remove impurities in oil to pure oil to brighter.

However, transparent oil is unhealthy. We need oil to have some nutritional color, which is more healthy.
As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, this is my answer to eeffect factors to oil color. If you want to know more about oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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