What kinds of cooking oil is better for health?

It is premise of ensuring healthy dietary to control the acceptable daily intake of cooking oil, and it is foundation of providing the nutrient for health to choose healthy cooking oil. We should avoid always using one kind of oil for a long time, because every kind of oil contains different nutrient and medicinal value. If you always use one kind of oil, the nutrient intaking is incomplete for us. SO it is better to use 3 kinds of cooking oil alternately in daily life, for example, you can have soybean oil, sesame oil, and corn germ oil at home, cook dishes alternately, it is not only provide you fresh taste, but also intake complete nutrient.

There are many kinds of cooking oil in market, such as soybean oil, corn germ oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, cotton seed oil and sunflower oil and so on. These kinds of oil all contain abundant monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the acids are used to reduce blood fat, lower cholesterol, and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

There is almost 80% unsaturated fatty acid in rice bran oil, it contain vitamin B1, B2, and phospholipid, too. They are all useful to lowering cholesterol.

One of the healthy cooking oil rice bran oil

In corn germ oil, more than 85% unsaturated fattyacid are contained. It also contains luxuriant vitamin E; it could be used to prevent coronary heart disease, retard arteriosclerosis.

The other healthy cooking oil corn germ oil

The arachidonic acid in peanut oil is the precursor of synthesis prostaglandin; it could be used in many aspects, such as curing tracheitis and asthma, expanding vessel, lowering blood pressure and so on.


The third healthy cooking oil peanut oil

Moreover, deep-sea fish such as salmon, menhaden, and sardine contain abundant Omega 3 fatty acid. The healthy oil also can be found in nut fruits and food; we also can intake a little in daily life.

The most important is that even you choose healthy oil, you also should avoid intaking too much. It is better to intake 25-30g every day for everyone.


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