Why we need edible oil refinery plant?

Generally speaking, after oil pressing oil solvent extraction we can get the crude edible oil, as it has different kinds of impurities and easy to oxidize; as a result, it cannot be stored for long time. To avoid oxidization of crude edible oil and get rid of impurities or hazardous substances, you need to set up an edible oil refinery line for your oil plant.
edible oil refinery process
Edible oil refinery process

Edible oil refinery plant is the main section of  producting edible oil, which is suitable for various vegetable and animal oils, such as soybean oil, peanuts oil, sunflower oil, rape seeds oil, cottonseeds oil, coconut oil, palm oil, niger seeds oil, rice bran oil, fish oil, seal oil, etc.The complete edible oil refinery production line contains Degumming, Neutralizing, Decolorization and Deodorization section. Our conpany is professional manufacturer of cooking oil making machine,cooking oil solvent extraction plant,edible oil refinery plant and turn key project.

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