How to extract maize oil | corn germ oil?

Yellow corn/maize is one of the leading agricultural crops in the world; Corn/maize is mainly planted in America, China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc. Corn/Maize contains 8% corn/maize. That is if you have 100ton corn seeds, you can get about 8ton germ. Corn/Maize germ is usually used to make corn oil. Corn/Maize germ has 35-40% oil content. The corn/maize germ oil process is similiar like rice bran.

corn cobmaize seed corn germ corn germ oil

 If you are interested in set up a corn/maize germ oil mill, please confirm how many tons corn/maize do you have? How many tons corn/maize germ you can get from your raw material. Then we could advice you proper machines according to your germ capacity. Please notice that  when separate germ from corn, the germ extract machine usually has big capacity and very expensive, which isn't suitable for small and medium size corn/maize plant. So if your capacity is small and medium, you can extract germ in big plant first, and then set up germ oil extraction plant yourself.

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