Cooking edible oil refining machine made in China

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Henan Doing Company is professional manufacturer of cooking edible oil refining machine.We has developed for many years in cooking edible oil refining industry.We long-term production and offer 1-10TPD batch edible oil refining machine,10-30TPD semi-continuous edible oil refining machine,30-1200TPD fully continuous edible oil refining machine.We can product according to the customer actual situation.Meanwhile our company can offer turn key projectedible oil refining machine.

Cooking edible oil refinery process flowchart
Crude cooking edible oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization → refined cooking edible oil.
cooking edible oil refining process
Cooking edible oil refining process

Main process of cooking edible oil refining machine:
De-gumming: Use hot water to mix with crude oil to remove the gum inside oil. Then dry the oil for bleaching process.
Deacidification/ Neutralization: Use NaOH to react with FFA inside oil. Then the reaction product soap stock will be discharged.
Decoloration/Bleaching: Use the bleaching earth to take the impurities out. Then use the filter to remove the bleaching earth.
Deodorization: This is the main different type from batch type oil refinery. It’s continuous type. We use the continuous deodorization tower to remove the peroxide value. Then there will be no serious smell in oil. After filtering, you will get final oil product.

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