The Lebanon customer ordered sunflower oil making machine from our company

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The Lebanen customer signed the contract about sunflower oil machine

The Lebanen customer signed the contract about sunflower oil machine


Sunflower oil making machine is very popular with our customers. We have two kinds sunflower oil making machine, they are sunflower oil making machine for mechanical pressing and solvent extracting. The main difference of the two methods, sunflower oil making machine press line oil residue is 5%-6%, but the solvent extraction line oil residue is less than 1%.
The Lebanon customer bought a 50tons sunflower oil making machine solvent extraction complete line from our company .
It includes three main parts:
Sunflower seeds pretreatment and prepressing line.
Magnitic seperating:In order to remove the metal impurities, so that can prevent damaging the equipment and occuring safety accidents.
Cleaning: To remove the impurities in the raw material such as soil, stem and leaf, hull and moldy seeds.
Husking: In order to improve the oil yielding rate and the quality of crude oil and meal, reduce the wear to the equipment, the hull must be removed.
Cooking: This processing can improve prepressing oil yielding rate and the quality of the cake, adjust the moisture, temperature and plasticity of the flake.
Prepressing:To squeeze out part of the oil in the raw material, and improve extracting effect.
Sunflower seeds solvent extraction line.
Extracting:To extract the oil in the cake by solvent, the general solvent is 6#extraction solvent oil or commercial hexane.
Desolventising:To remove and recover the solvent in the meal; Dry and cool down the meal at the same time.
Evaporating and stripping:Heating the the miscella by indirect steam, so that can vaporize the solvent and concentrate the miscella.
Solvent recycling: This process is to recover the solvent, decrease solvent comsuption, keep safety prodution and improve product quality.
Sunflower oil refinery and dewaxing production line.
Degumming:To remove the colloid soluble impurities, and prepare for the subsequent refining process.
Deacidfying:To remove the free fatty acid in the crude oil.
Decoloring: To remove the pigment in the crude oil by adding active clay, so that can improve the oil quality.
Deodorizing:To remove the odor in the oil, so that can improve the flavor, stability, color and quality of the oil.
Dewaxing: To renmove the wax in the oil and improve the quality of the oil.


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