Efficient&highly productive of palm oil

Oil palm is the most efficient oilseed crop in the world. • One hectare of oil palm plantation is able to produce up to ten times more oil than other leading oilseed crops



Small scale oil refining plant introduction

Our small scale oil refinery plant are best choice for small capacity oil refinery machine.The small scale oil refining production plant can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums, waxes, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil.



Oil Refinery Plant

Oil refinery plant usually includes the following sections: Degumming, Neutralization, Bleaching, Dewaxing and Deodorization. The process of removing these impurities after oil extraction section is called oil refining. The crude oil obtained either f



The advantages of palm oil

When compared to other edible oils,palm oil has relatively long shelf life. With good storage facilities in place, palm oil can be stored for up to one year without its quality dwindling down. Palm oil is completely free of cholesterol and low-densi



Biodiesel safety and environment issues

Biodiesel producers are regulated by two entities: OSHA and the environmental protection agency. OSHA's concern is with the environment for the workers. It considers biodiesel production facilities to be chemical plants.



There have differences in the physical and chemical properties of palm oil and palm kernel oil

There are great differences in palm oil and palm kernel oil physical and chemical properties. Oils and fats are made up mostly of triglycerides with some non-glyceridic materials in small or trace quantities. Difference in chemical composition reflect



Oil Palm with its Environment

The development of oil palm in Malaysia has been remarkable. Starting off as ornamental, the crop has developed into a multibillion ringgit industry. In Africa, the crop originally existed wild in the groves and various constraints were faced in the efforts towards domestication. It is in Malaysia that much of the crop's full potential has been exploited. This transformation from the wild to being domesticated, where it is grown in neat rows in well-managed plantations, has not been without cost. A lot effort has gone into understanding this 'new' crop, and the means of fitting it to its new home.



Impact of Oil Palm related issues on the Environment

Impact of Oil Palm related issues on the Environment Information



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