Soybean oil refining machine


cooking soybean oil refining machine

cooking soybean oil refining

Soybean oil refining for crude soybean oil, you can get refined soybean oil by soybean oil refining process. Soybean is the main oil seeds of the world, how get the soybean oil. We have two method for extraction of soybean oil, one is pressing, the other is solvent extraction . After processing , except the crude soybean oil , we also can get high value soybean oil meal, soybean oil manufacturers always use it to make animal feed.
Soybean oil refining is used for removing the impurities and harmful substances, such as phospholipid, FFA , Pigment , Beany flavor etc..After these processes , the soybean oil manufacturers can get good quality soybean oil, it means soybean oil refining can effectively increase the soybean oil sales price.
What is in the soybean oil?  It is rich of linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid, fatty asic , Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and some others nutriment . In nowadays, the soybean oil is already the main important cooking oil.
Soybean oil is multiple use, it not only can be used for making Salad oil , cooking oil , but it also can processed to vegetable shortening , mayonnaise , Covering powder for candy and other products.

If you want to process soybean seeds, no matter soybean oil extraction or soybean oil refining , please contact us , we can manufacture satisfied soybean oil machines for .
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cooking soybean oil refining machine

cooking soybean oil refining machine 


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