Indonesia gradual popularization biodiesel


Biological material as a vehicle fuel oil

Biological material as a vehicle fuel oil

The Indonesia government is accelerating popularize the using of biodiesel this year,the 25th Minister regulations of Ministry of Energy in 2013 is explicitly stipulated, subsidy fuel oil must adulterate in 10% biodiesel, no subsidy fuel oil must adulterate in 3% biodiesel, industrial and commercial fuel oil must adulterate 5% biodiesel, and electricity generation oil must adulterate in 7.5%. From January 2014 on, not matter subsidy fuel oil or no subsidy fuel oil, are all required to adulterate 10% biodiesel, and electricity generation oil must adulterate in 20%.

The policy stipulation and supervision measures of Indonesia Government have obvious effect: from January to September last year, biodiesel consumption in whole nation is 481.6 thousand liter, while it has increased to 601 thousand liter this year. The director general of Indonesia Bureau of Biological Energy source said that they will set power station, industrial and commercial fuel oil etc. as emphasis of popularizing biodiesel and try their best to get a better performance. The secretary general of Indonesia Bio-oil Manufacturer Association also said that Indonesia is a great power of palm oil production, with cultivated area expanding and manufacturing technology of biodiesel maturing, the market of biodiesel in Indonesia is huge.

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