Edible soybean oil refinery plant

Soybean oil refinery plant uses scientific processing configuration of continuous refining process includes: degumming & de-acidification, decolorizing, deodorization section, providing the highest efficiency edible soybean oil refinery plant successfully.

soybean oil refinery plant
soybean oil refinery plant

Decolorizing & de-acidification section. The neutralized oil exchange heat with crude oil, heating to 90-120℃, part of it (about 20%) get into the pre-mixer to mix with bleaching clay(3% of oil weight), the other part enter the decolorizing tower( temperature is about 110℃), after decolorizing, put into the filter, after polishing filtration, the oil into decolorizing storage tank.

Deodorization section. Make use of the big volatility difference between odor material and triglyceride, under conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, use vapor distillation to desorption odor matter. (gas-liquid surface in contact, vapor can saturation by odor matter and then overflow).

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