Introduction of automatic cooking oil refinery machine

Doing company is a good manufacturer of automatic cooking oil refinery machine, and for the automatic cooking oil refinery machine, it generally include the de-gumming & de-acidification section, de-colorization section, de-odorization section, de-waxing section.

Our automatic cooking oil refinery machine technical advantages:
1.More mechanization and automation, less human labor and cost.
2.More advanced technical configuration, such as continuous drying, continuous de-coloration, continuous de-acidification, continuous deodorization, continuous de-waxing.
3.Automatically metering and feeding for bleaching earth, high vacuum, saving steam and energy, reducing the processing cost.

Below is the introduction of our automatic cooking oil refinery machine:

De-gumming & de-acidification section
After filtration, the pressed crude oil will be pumped into the refining pot. To add phosphoric acid make the nonhydratable phospholipids change into hydrophilic phospholipid, at the same time, dissolve the iron ion in the oil in the high acid process, add seldom alkali produce soap stock and the absorption effect which can remove the impurity in the oil, add water for washing, the washing discharge soap stock which will be recycling, and the washed oil will go into temporary tank for store.  

deodorization tower
Deodorization tower used to cooking oil deodorization

Continuous de-colorization section
Adding bleaching earth to the oil for fully mixing and heating under the vacuum condition, which make the tiny pigment granules suspended in the oil to be absorbed on the bleaching earth, and then it will be removed by the leaf filter.

Continuous deodorization section
Most heat of the qualified de-colored oil will be recycled by the high efficiency heat ex-changer. Then through the conduction oil or high pressure steam heat the oil to the required temperature and enter the deodorization tower. The deodorization tower is integrated structure, which’s upper layer is structure padding that main function is to remove stink composition such as the free fatty acid etc, and which’s under layer is plate structure that main function is hot de-coloring to make the oil quality more stable. The oil came from the deodorization tower will be storied after a series heat exchanging and cooling. The volatile substances such as fatty acid came from the deodorization will be collected by the padding catcher fully as the by-product.

Continuous de-waxing section
De-waxing is an important step for improving the quality of the edible oil. The wax effect the palatability of the oil, so the propose of de-waxing is improving the oil palatability and the sensory properties such as transparency and brightness. Different oil has different wax content, and also the de-waxing is necessary for the oil quality such as corn germ oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, flaxseed etc.

cooking oil refinery machine
The one horn of the refining workshop

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