Deodorization Tower

The deodorization tower is mainly used for oil deodorization.The deodorization tower is a kind of distiller used to remove odor in the distillate under high temperature and high vacuum.Oil Deodorization Tower applies to soybean oil, cotton seed oil, rapeseed oil, orn germ oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil,edible oil processing.

oil seeds
Oil seeds

The characteristics of our Oil Deodorization Tower are as following:
(1) Using the stainless steel structured corrugated packing, it enlarges the specific surface area of steam and oil, with a good mass transmission.
The deodorization tower also shortens the residence time of oil in the tower, and effectively reduces the content of trans fatty acids. Finally, it keeps the good quality of refined oil.
(2) Some pigments and hydroperoxides can be decomposed under high temperature, that can improve the oil’s flavor, taste and color;
(3) With the huge specific surface, mass transmission between oil and steam can be more effective. Then
deodorization tower can reduce the steam consumption of stripping and vacuum system (50%~70% steam can be saved);
(4) During the edible oil deodorization process, the physical deacidification can be realized, without any waste water. It is high efficient and environment protection;
(5) Compact construction, small floor area, low cost of architecture and installation,
deodorization tower is easy to maintain and transport.

deodorization tower
Deodorization tower for edible oil refinery machine

Doing Machinery is a leading enterprise specialized in the technology design & research and engineering construction of oil preparation, oil refining & fractionation. After years of practice, we have won a high reputation and accumulated solid strength. We have undertaken more than 30 construction projects around the world.

We can provide design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after service of Oil Deodorization Tower.

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