3tpd palm oil refining process machinery

Palm oil refining process technology refers to conversion of crude palm oil to refined oil involves removal of products of hydrolysis and oxidation, color and flavor. Doing Company adopts scientific designed palm oil refining process machinery line including degumming, deacidification, decolorization, blenching, deodorization to obtain high quality refined palm oil.Palm oil refining process machinery is one of the important parts of the whole palm oil mill equipments. Palm oil refining processing line provides the most professional oil refinery technology and obtains the best edible palm oil quality with low cost and energy consumption.

Henan Doing Company is focusing on designing physical and chemical edible palm oil refining process machinery through de-mixed, degumming, dehydration, deacidification, decoloration, dewax and deodorization, oil pumps, filter system to obtain high purity refined palm oil.
palm oil refining machine
Palm oil refining process machine(from crude edible oil to refined edible oil machine)
3TPD palm oil refining process flow chart:
palm oil refining machine
3TPD palm oil refining process machine flow chart

Palm oil refining process:
1) Palm oil refining process section adopts p-acid degumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing to complete primary palm oil refining.
2) Decoloring section of palm oil refining process machinery will remove off pigments, blenching oils and grease dehydrate in crude palm oil, and deodorizing section will remove off the odor component in oil.
3) Dewaxing section of palm oil refining process machinery will remove wax in crude palm oil to obtain high quality oil refinery.
4) Heat conducting of palm oil refining process oil boiler supplies each device energy and its highest temperature can reach above 280°C.
5) Steam generator produces the required steam for deodorization and distillation.
6) Vacuum pump supply vacuum for dehydrate, de-color, de-odor with high vacuum degrees of 755mm Hg.
7) Air compressor dries the blenched clay and empties the leftover oil in the press filter.

Technical Parameters of  Palm  Oil Refining Workshop:

Steam consumption 700KG/T oil
Electric consumption 28Kwh/T oil
Water (soften water) 150Kg/T oil
Phosphoric acid 2~3 kg/T oil
Alkali acid valuex1-3kg/T oil
Circulating water cooling water yield 150M3/
Bleaching earth consumption 3-5Kg/T oil
Waste bleaching earth oil content ≤25~35%
Refining losses acid valuex1.2 (chemical refining)
acid valuex 0.6 (physics refining)
Bleaching losses the quantity of bleaching earth×0.25%
Deodorization loss consumption ≤0.5%≤0.5%
Refining rate 1-refining consumption

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