Vegetable oil refinery plant

Vegetable oil refinery plant focuses on crude vegetable oil refining process. Because there are many impurities in the crude vegetable oil, they not only influence the oil edibleness and safe storage, but also they take the difficulty for further processing. However, the working of vegetable oil refinery plant dose not mean removing all the impurities in crude vegetable oil but for the harmful ones, such as the gossypol, phospholipid, mucilage, moisture etc. What's more for the usful imporities, such as tocopherol, we need to reserve it. So we will according to different requirements and usages, using different methods to remove the harmul impurities from crude vegetable oil, and guarantee the qualified standards of vegetable  oil.

vegetable oil refinery plant
Vegetable oil refinery plant

Generally speaking , in vegetable oil refinery plant production process, there are two refining methods, phycial refining and physical & chemical combination refining method.

Physical refining includes sediment method through utilizing different specific gravity, filtering, centrifugal etc methods. For example, such as sesame oil , in China, most oil producers in order to keep the original flavor of the sesame oil, they all adopt the cold filtering method to refine the crude sesame oil.

Physical and chemicial combination refining method is actually a
kind of refining method that most oil refineries adopt. Because if you want to refine most vegetable oil to get lower FFA, colorless and odorless vegetable  oil, the chemical methods will be added in. We have met some customers who is the first time to contact the oil industry before. But when they heard that the vegetable oil refinery plant will include the chemicial methods, they will worry about the final quality of vegetable oil. Actually, it is no problem, because all the chemical meterial are food grade.

For our vegetable oil refinery plant, most adopt physical & chemical combination refining method. But if the customers don't want to add any chemical meterials, we can accord to their requirements to design. In fact, we hope the customers know more about the vegetable oil refining process, and then they can make a good decision.


vegetable oil refining process
Vegetable oil refining process flow chart

In general, our vegetable oil refinery  plant includes 4 steps: degumming---deacidification---decolorization---deodorization.
After the whole vegetable oil refining process, the user can get colorless and odorless vegetable oil with
good quality.

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