Rice bran oil press machine | solvent extraction plant

The rice bran oil press machine could extract vegetable oil from various kinds of oil materials, soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut,sesame,coconut, rapeseeds, cotton seed,and other oil content crops.Rice bran oil is a butritive vegetable oil and high in linoleic acid content, which can reduce cholesterol in human blood, and help to prevent CVD(cardiovascular disease). Following is a introduction about rice bran oil extraction process.

oil seeds
Oil seeds and oil content

There are 2 rice bran oil extraction processes, pressing and solvent extraction. In general, pressing is used in small-scale rice bran oil extraction, while solvent extraction is always used in industrial rice bran oil extraction process. This article is mainly about pressing, small-scale rice bran oil extraction process.

Raw material (rice bran) → Cleaning → Puffing(extrusion machine) → solvent extraction plant
1. Cleaning: In raw material - rice bran, there are many impurities such as broken rice, iron impurities, etc,which would decrease rice bran oil yeild.
2. Puffing:To change the molecular structure of rice bran,only in this way, can we easily get more rice bran oil.
3.Solvent extraction plant: Because the particularity of rice bran,the rice bran only need puffed leaching.

rive bran puffing machine
Rice bran puffing machine

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