Rapeseed oil production project

How to get crude rapeseed oil from rapeseeds?How to get refined rapeseed oil from crude rapeseed oil?Now , i will introduce the rapeseed oil production process.
rapeseed oil production process
Rapeseed oil production process

First, rapeseed oil press, which mainly through cleaning, crushing,softening,flaking ,cooking, and pressing etc. Reform the shape of oil, the greatest degree to improve the oil quality. In order to quickly and efficiently make oil by pressing or solvent extracting. Ensure that subsequent sections smoothly.
rapeseed oil pretreatment machine
Rapeseed oil pretreatment machine

Second, rapeseed oil extractor equipment which complete extraction equipment is applicable to extract oil from the adopt expanding and extracting technical.The extraction technical generally extract oil from cake and embryo by pre-extraction or direct extraction.The whole equipment is composed of solvent extracting, wet meal roast & desolventing machine, long pipe evaporator, discal stripper, condenser and other equipment, and it’s matched with explosion proof motor, various kinds of connected pipes in plant, as well as the required accessories of instrument, apparatus, valve and so on.
rapeseed oil solvent extraction machine
Rapeseed oil solvent extraction machine

Last, rapeseed oil refining workshop to get the high-grade cooking oil from crude oil through the hydration degumming, continuous decoloring, filtering, continuous deacidifying and deodorizing 4 main sections. It’s a flexible process, economic and environmental protective.
rapeseed oil refining machine
Rapeseed oil refining machine

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