5tpd palm oil refining line

When Liberia customer order the 2tph palm oil pressing line, our engineer suggest customer, he need a 5tpd palm oil refining line.

palm oil content rate chart
Palm oil content rate chart

For the oil rate of palm fruit is 20% from FFB, which means, 2tph palm oil processing line, we can get 400kg/h crude palm oil, if working hours is 12 hours, then each day, customer can get around 5tons crude palm oil, so the 5tpd palm oil refining line is suitable for customer.

palm oil refining line
Palm oil refining line

So our customer ordered the full set of 5tpd palm oil refining line, and now, the 5tpd palm oil refining line is on production, will finish in about  2 weeks, after finish all the production, we will begin loading for customer.

batch type oil refinery line
Batch type edible oil refinery line

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