Palm refinery project in Congo

Doing Group has installed one Palm oil refinery plant in Congo, Africa, and the Palm oil refinery plant’s processing capacity is 30T/D, it include palm oil refining machine and fractionation machine.

Discussing palm oil refining plant with Congo customer
Discussing palm oil refining plant with Congo customer


As for the customer has a high demand on the palm oil product, so the customer is very concerned on the factory’s technology and manufacturing ability during the customer’s inspection. The customer had visited many factories, and knows more about the industry information. Finally, by our rich experience on cooking oil project and advanced tech of oil refining, Doing Group won the customer’s recognition; after the customer’s investigation and comparison, the Africa customer chosen us (Doing Group) as the supplier of Palm oil refinery plant and fractionation plant.

The installation site of palm oil refinery plant
The installation site of palm oil refinery plant

So far we have completed the palm oil refinery plant’s installation. The palm oil refinery project is expected to put into production officially in next year. Doing Group’s edible oil refinery plant has advanced refining technology, well equipped, automatic control, and can match the different requirements of domestic and foreign customers. And the oil refining project capacity is 10t/d-1000t/d, the biggest single oil refining capacity is 1000T/D. Welcome to come to visit our factory, waiting for our cooperation!

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