Finished installation palm oil refinery plant for DRC Congo cutsomer

Palm oil refinery plant is very populary in Africa. Our DR congo customers bought our 30t/d palm oil refinery plant in July 2012. Now already finished installation, it is already put into production.

our Congo customer.
Our Congo customer


Installing steel structure.
Installing steel structure


Finished installed palm oil refinery plant.
A small part of finished installed palm oil refinery plant


Palm oil refinery plant can be divided into tree types:

  • Batch type palm oil refinery plant: 1-30t/d.
  • Semi-continuous typre palm oil refienry plant: 10-50t/d.
  • Continuous type palm oil refinery plant: 30-600t/d.

All the refinery machines are including four sections: degumming -- deacidification -- decolorization -- deodorization.

Degumming and deacidification: it is carried in same period, during this period we can remove pectin and FFA in the crude palm oil.
Deodorization section: we will use the active clay to remove the pigment of the read oil.
Deodorization section: we sill use the direct steam to take away the odors of the clay which is produced in decolorization section , and the odors of the FFA.

After these processes , the final users can get the colorless and odorless palm oil. It is very populary with our African customers. Our Congo customers bought the 30t/d continuous type palm oil refinery plant, fractionation equipment, filling machine, soap machines and others machines.


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