The market prospects of rice bran oil

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In recent years, rice bran oil has been attracted the attention of many countries around the world, becoming a new cooking oil after the palm oil. The world's annual production of rice is about 600 million tons and rice bran production is also up to a thousand tons .This created the conditions for producing more rice bran oil.

Experts point out that rice bran oil is a nutritious vegetable oil,  the absorption rate of more than 90% after eating:
1.Fatty acid , vitamin E, oryzanol in rice bran oil are beneficial to the body's absorption.
2.Rice bran oil can clear the cholesterol in the blood, lower blood lipids, promote human growth and development and so on.
3. Meanwhile, the rice bran oil itself good stability suitable as a frying oil, and  rice bran oil also can make margarine, shortening and senior nutrition oil. addition to food,  rice bran oil are also widely used in medical and beauty. Rice bran oil can regulate nerve function, enhanced immunity, inhibit of skin aging.

Rice bran oil as a nutrition and health oil with huge market space has a good prospect in the international market.

Rice bran oil

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