Soybean oil pressing process

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Soybean oil pressing process

Soybean cold-pressed process: Soy - Cleaning up - Crushing - Softening -Flaking - Temperature control - Press - Cake

Soybean cold pressing process the softening temperature is generally not higher than of 45-50 ° C, softened into 10% -12%, flaking thickness of 0.4-0.5mm, the former shall not be squeezed into a temperature higher than 70 degrees Celsius. If using whole seeds ZX10 screw press cold-pressed, then do not need to flaking.

Traditional soy pretreatment leaching process is relatively simple, advanced extraction process can be pretreated soybean peeling, extrusion, heat treatment technology, and can be combined with dried soybeans were quenched before peeling, omissions softening process, simplifying the pretreatment process processes.

Soybean extrusion pretreatment process: Soy - Clean - Dry - Broken -Softening - flaking - Extruded - dry - Leaching

sofenning port
Sofenning port

Soybean pretreatment and prepressing equipment:

doubt screw press machine
soybean oil pretreatment machine

doubt screw press machine
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