Sunflower oil production in South Africa

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Sunflower oil production in South Africa

Sunflower oil production is the main oil in South Africa. South Africa produced between 500 000 to 800 000 tons of sunflower seed per year between 2005 to 2010. Depending on the sunflower seed production area and planting time, sunflower seeds are harvested from January to June.  Sunflower seed can be stored for 12 months. Nearly all of South Africa’s sunflower seed are processed into sunflower seed oil and sunflower seed oil cake for human and animal consumption. A very small amount sunflower seed of South Africa are exported to neighbouring countries.  The volumes of sunflower seed produced by South African farmers depends largely on the price of substitute crops such as maize.

sunflower oil
Sunflower oil

Over the past three years South Africa produced around 300 000 tons of sunflower seed oil.  According to a report on the Manufacturing of Oil and Animal Fat in South Africa by Who Owns Whom (Pty) Ltd the current processing capacity for sunflower seed is 1 442 000 – 1 522 000 ton.  The volume of sunflower seed crushed according to the South African Grain Information Service is around 500 000 – 800 000 tons indicating that the processing capacity is not fully utilized.

Sunflower oil production is also a main business in Russian and Central Asia. There are many sunflower seed in South Africa, Russian and Central Asia.

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