Oil refining stocks to watch

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The oils-energy sector ended last week 7.4% overvalued with the refining and marketing industry 14.6% overvalued. There are 558 stocks in the sector and only 14 are rated buy according to ValuEngine. With 138 rated sell and another 45 rated strong sell the sector is rated underweight with 32.8% of all stocks in the sector rated sell.
oil refining stocksThe nine refiners I am profiling today performed tremendously over the last 12 months with gains between 49.4% and 164.1%, which makes it difficult to sustain these gains for another 12 months even though they have 12 month trailing price-to-earnings ratios in single-digit territory between 5.4 and 9.5. Eight of nine stocks are above their 200-day simple moving averages which represents the risk of a reversion to the mean. In my opinion these energy stocks qualify for my buy-and-trade strategy. Be aware that there are some negative divergences in the weekly chart profiles.

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