Argentina soybean production decrease

Date:Jan 08, 2015/ News/ Chat online/ Leave a message
According to world oil, Argentina soybean production received second reduction to 43,000,000-48,000,000tonnes in 2015 due to dry weather.
Nowadys, Argentina weather has been worried, until now, rainfall in soybean production area insuffice badly. High temperature increases soybean production pressure.
Soybean oil production machineMeanwhile, Argentina soybean production problem will rise the price of oil seeds. From 2014 second half, oil seeds prices has always been rising. Soybean price in CBOT has rised 40%, while rapeseed price reaches top yesterday, 486Euro per tonne, 48% higher than November.
The price of oil seeds and oil product would kept rising if the weather of Argentina main soybean production area doesn't improve.

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