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Biofuels reffer to fuels obtain energy from biological carbon fiaxion, which converts carbon  into a molecule that exists in a living organism.
The chemical structure of biofuels can differ in the same way taht the chemical structure can differ. Following is a introduction of all kinds of biofuel.
Biofuel Fossil Fuel Differences
Ethanol Gasoline/Ethane Ethanol has about half the energy per mass of gasoline, which means it takes twice as much ethanol to get the same energy. Ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, however, producing less carbon monoxide. However, ethanol produces more ozone than gasoline and contributes substantially to smog. Engines must be modified to run on ethanol.
Biodiesel Diesel Has only slightly less energy than regular diesel. It is more corrosive to engine parts than standard diesel, which means engines have to be designed to take biodiesel. It burns cleaner than diesel, producing less particulate and fewer sulfur compounds.
Methanol Methane Methanol has about one third to one half as much energy as methane. Methanol is a liquid and easy to transport whereas methane is a gas that must be compressed for transportation.
Biobutanol Gasoline/Butane Biobutanol has slightly less energy than gasoline, but can run in any car that uses gasoline without the need for modification to engine components.
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