Biodiesel analysis - sespects need to be condisered

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Biodiesel analysis - sespects needed to be considered
Biodiesel is taking its place as one of the new cleaner and greener solutions required to meet the world’s growing energy needs. New feedstocks, production techniques and applications are continuing to drive the production capabilities of Biodiesel to meet consumer demand, and this is therefore increasing the analysis required by Biodiesel producers.

Biodiesel is produced by transesterifying the parent oil or fat with an alcohol, usually methanol, in presence of a catalyst, usually a strong base such as sodium or potassium hydroxide, or, preferably and increasingly more commonly, alkoxides. The resulting product therefore can contain not only the desired alkyl ester product but also unreacted starting material (TAG), residual alcohol, and residual catalyst.

The analysis, fuel quality, and production monitoring of biodiesel have been discussed, but not all aspects of standards were considered, especially in light of their recent adoption, various aspects were categorized differently and new developments have occurred.

Besides these aspects, other issues need to be considered, such as fuel and physical properties as well as storage and handling issues.

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