what is an oilseed extruder machine?

There are several different definitions of extruder machine depending on the manufacturer as well as the purpose of the extrusion. If the oilseed has high oil content, such as rapeseed, corn germ, etc, the oilseed extruder machine is mainly used in oilseed pretreatment plant or to make various pre-pressed cake before edible oil solvent extraction plant. The pretreatment section of rice bran oil production process especially needs this equipment, which can increase the oil yield, improve the quality of oil products and reduce the consumption of equipment.

oilseed extruder
Oilseed extruder machine in rice bran plant

The principle of the oilseed extruder machine:
The mechanical effects of extrusion, rubbing, shearing, pressure and so on in the extruder, as well as a series of physical and chemical effects, such as the humid and hot action of injection into the steam, the effect of friction and fever, etc., the cell tissue of the oilseed is completely destroyed. The oilseed is extruded from the hole in the template in high temperature and high pressure condition, and then because the pressure suddenly decreases and the water rapidly evaporates, the material is expanded.

Main process parameters of oilseed extruder machine:

Raw materials High oil content (such as rapeseed,cottonseed)
Thickness of flaking (mm) 0.25 ~ 0.3
Moisture content before Extruding (%) 6 ~ 8
Moisture content after Extruding (%) 7 ~ 9
Discharge Temperature (℃) 100 ~ 120
Steam consumption (kg/t) 15 ~ 20
Steam Pressure before Extruding (Mpa) 0.6 ~ 0.8

Main technical parameters of oilseed extruder machine:

Model Expansion coefficient (diameter) Weight (kg) Size (mm) Capacity (T/24hr) Power (kw)
YJP16Z 1:1.2~1.4 1695 3400×1216×1238 50~81 37/55
YJP20Z 1:1.2~1.4 2150 4085×1216×1238 100~180 55/75/90
YJP25Z 1:1.2~1.4 3170 4850×1267×1633 200~300 90/110
YJP30Z 1:1.2~1.4 4098 6210×1267×1633 450~600 132/160
YJP35Z 1:1.2~1.4 6147 6115×1600×1942 700~900 160/220

Advantages of the oil seed extruder machine:

1. the production efficiency can be improved by 30-50%.

2. improve the quality of the product;

3. reduce energy consumption;

4. reduce the residual oil in the meal.

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