What is edible oil refining equipment?

After oil pressing process or oil extraction process, we get crude oil. But the crude oil can’t flow to supermarket. The crude oil must need processing with edibel oil refining equipment, especially soybean, cottonseed, rapeseed, palm kernel, etc.
Refining is an essential process for a complete edibel oil processing line because there are still some impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor,etc. in the crude oil.

edible oil refining equipment
Small scale edibel oil refining equipment
Edible Oil Refining Plant Equipment:
1.Decoloring tank: bleach pigments from oil.
2.Deodorizing tank: remove the un-favored smell from decolorized oil.
3.Oil furnace: provide enough heat for the refining sections which need high temperature of 280℃.
4.Vacuum pump: provide high pressure for bleaching, deodorization which can reach 755mmHg or more.
5.Air compressor: dry the bleached clay after bleaching.
6.Filter press: filter the clay into the bleached oil.
7.Steam generator: generate steam distillation.

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