What can you get from soybean?

 Soybean has different kinds, like yellow,green, black, brown and so on. Soybean belongs to hign protein oil seeds, which contain 15.5-22.7% oil, protein 30-45%( dry basis is above 50%); Seed coat 7-10%; germ 2-2.5%. Soybean has become one of the most important oil seeds; It origins from The Northern East of China. Main produce country is America, Brazil, China, India, Paraguay; the total quantity takes about 96.3% of whole world capacity. It is also one of the main sources to supply protein (edible or feed), cooking oil. The soybean from China is non-GMO soybean; Besides oil and protein, this kind of soybean also contains phospholipid, Vitamin E, sterol, isoflavone etc., high value-added physiologically active matter.
soybean oil
 High quality soybean oil

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