What are the purpose and methods of edibel oil refining?

The purpose of edibel oil refining:
Edible oil refining is usually refers to crude oil refining.The impurity in the crude cooking oil,not only affects the use value and safe storage of cooking oil,but also affects the cooking oil further processing . The purpose of edible oil refining is not to remove all impurities in the cooking oil, but remove harmful substances,such as gaa, protein, lecithin, mucus, moisture that is harmful to eat, storage, and industrial production .At the same time leave good impurities.Finally,we can get refined oil products which  meet the quality standard .
The methods of edible oil refining:
According to the characteristics of the raw materials, edible oil refining methods can be roughly divided into mechanical method, chemical method and physical method .

edibel oil refining plant
High efficient edibel oil refining plant


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