The introduction of corn germ oil

Corn germ is the raw materials of the oilseed press. There is germ 8-10 kg in every 100 kg of corn, pure germ oil 35 to 40 kg in every 100 kg, is double that of soybean oil content. The oil that pressing from the corn germ is called corn oil, also called corn germ oil, corn oil or corn oil embryo is obtained. Usually we can see corn oil is yellow, transparent, with a fresh corn fragrance. This corn germ oil contains linoleic acid about 57%, oleic acid 30% or so, also contains rich lecithin, minerals and vitamins A, D, E,and protein etc, The nutritional value of corn germ oil is close to soybean, higher than peanuts, rapeseed and sunflower seed oil. Corn germ oil not only can be used for family cook, cold mix, and crisp,also can be used as pharmaceutical industry production linoleic acid pills and life better the important raw materials. Corn germ oil has good effect to cardiovascular disease, eat corn germ oil, easy be absorbed by human body, the digestive rate is more than 97%.

corn germ oil refining machine
Corn germ oil refining machine

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