What is the function of fractional oil?

fractionation machineNatural edible oils are multi-component mixtures consisting of various triglycerides. The complex composition partially results in a very broad melting temperature range. Thus, they are unsuitable for different applications in food technology.

Further applications for fractionated oil can be widely used in. Different fractionated oil can be obtained from a single crude fat.

Fractionated oil can be widely used in nutrition :

  • The low melting fraction of an edible fat can be used e.g. as an adequate substitute for conventional salad oils.
  • The higher melting fraction of an edible fat can be used e.g. for the production of margarine or shortening.
  • Certain special fats, such as deep frying oil, diet margarine, shortening or mayonnaise are preferably made from fat fractions.
  • The mid fraction can be used as substitutes for the expensive cocoa butter.
In the fractionated crystallization process most frequently used in the industry, the various triglycerides contained in animal or plant fats are separated.

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