What are the features of oil refinery workshop?

Features of oil refinery workshop:

1. Deacidification process: We can adjust acid-base dosage and response time according to the quality of crude oil to stablize the quality of refined oil.
2. Decoloration process: Premix pot will promote decoloration effect, in which oil and clay can mix well.
3. Deodorization process: We can offer combined dedorization tower with better deacidification and deodorization effect and better decoloring performance. The acid value of deodorized oil is above 100 and by-product with better quality.
4. Refinery workshop is equipped with waste heat exchanger, which is much more energy-saving.
5. PlC cotrolling system can automatically control heating, cooling, feedstock, vacuum and pressure, montior flow of each process in real time to stablize product quality and oil yeild.
oil refinery machine
High capacity oil refinery machine in the refinery workshop

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