What is the density of vegetable oil?

vegetebale oil production machineDensity is a physical property of matter that can be defined as its mass per unit volume. It describes how heavy an object is or how closely packed the components are that make up its material. Water density is often used to make comparisons when describing density of vegetable oil, while all oil is less than water(1.00g/ml).

The density of vegetable oil varies with each type and temperature. The range is from 0.91 to 0.93 g/cm3 between the temperatures of 15 °C and 25 °C. Comparing to water, whose density is 1.00 g/ml, cooking oil is less dense.
Name Density
@ 15.5 °C
Name Density
@ 15.5 °C
coconut 0.9259 peanut (arachis) 0.917-0.9209
corn (maize) 0.9213-0.9250 rapeseed 0.9133-0.9168
cotton seed 0.922-0.925 safflower 0.9246-0.9280
olive 0.9150-0.9180 sesame 0.9203-0.9237
palm 0.9210-0.9240 soya beans 0.924-0.9279
palm kernel 0.9119 sunflower 0.924-0.9258

                                  The picture of vegetable oil density

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