Physical edible oil refinery plant

edible oil refinery plant edible oil refinery plant
Physical edible oil refinery plant
Physical edible oil refinery is refer to using physical method to remove impurities from crude vegetable oil, main process include: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization etc.Deacidification process is very important in the physical edible oil refinery, it is refer to removal of the free fatty acid, at the same time removal of pigment, phospholipids, hydrocarbons and mucilaginous impurities and other useful components,such as tocopherols, sterols, sterol esters. Nowadays, traditional deacidification method used in industry area, include: chemical method and physical method( steam refining), mixed oil deacidification. Lots of oil processing scholar R&D many new acid removal method, such as: Biological removal of acid method (or biological refining), deacidifying with esterification method, solvent extraction method etc.. Although these new methods overcome the disadvantages of the traditional methods, however, there are still many shortcomings.

Chemical method in the edible oil refinery to removal of acid also called alkali refining, widely used in industry area, adding alkali in degummed oil, react with free fatty acid, then settled by soap foot form, some of the impurity adsorbed by the soap foot, soap foot is removed by centrifugal separation. Chemical deacidification, usually using caustic soda (NaOH). Neutral oil hydrolysis under the action of alkali have a large amount of oil loss, and besides, there also part neutral oil in the soap foot. Form the soap foot need sulfate acid treated, make large amount of waste water. Oil consumption according to the acid value of crude oil, higher acid value, more oil consumption. This chemical method can removal of the acid completely, and oil quality is stable.

Physical deacidification is feeding steam into the oils at high temperature to removal of acid value,unsaponifiable matter, and odor matters, using physical refining machine, there is no soap foot compared with the chemical refining machine, so, physical refining has the characteristics of large output, reduce the environmental pollution, low oil consumption, high oil quality, and easy to operate, need less steam water and power, less investment. But the physical oil refinery is very strict to the oil pre-treatment process and oil press machine, not suitable for heat sensitive cottonseed oil, and high temperature grease produced polymer and trans fatty acids etc..
Physical edible oil refinery is adopting physical deacidification technology, Henan Doing Company have supplied various styles of physical refining machine for home and abroad, the capacity is 30TPD-1000TPD, if you have any need of the edible oil machine, welcome contact us any time.

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