What are the features and applications of physical cooking oil refinery?

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Physical cooking oil refinery:
1.Physical vegetable oil refinery process also has four basic steps: degumming, de-acidification, de-coloration and deodorization. The main difference between physical refining and chemical refining is physical de-acidification .
2.Physical de-acidification means using high temperature steam to remove free fatty acid with physical methods. In this process, it don't need add any alkali as chemical refining, no neutral reaction .
3.Main de-acidification machine in physical vegetable oil refinery plant is de-acidifying tower
Features of physical cooking oil refinery:
1. high oil yield , low vegetable oil refining losses.
2. Nearly no waste water
3. By product is fatty acid , with higher value than soapstock from chemical refining
4. Environment protection
5. Easy operation
Applications of physical cooking oil refining:
1. For big capacity vegetable oil refinery plant , more than 20 tons per day.
2. For high acid value crude oil , such as rice bran oil ,palm oil

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