What is the main equipments of edible oil refining line?

Edible Oil Refining Line can refine various kinds of oil, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, rapeseeds oil, sunflower oil, cotton seeds oil, corn germ oil,palm kernel oil, coconut oil,castor seeds oil, mustard seeds oil, etc.
Edible Oil Refinery Line Main Equipments:
Refining Tank, Bleaching Tank, Stainless Steel Deodorizing Tank
Heat conduction furnace: provide heat required for oil heating and steam distillation.
Vacuum pump: provide high pressure for bleaching, deodorization.
Air compressor: dry the bleached clay after bleaching.
Oil filter: filter the clay in the bleached oil.
Steam generator: produce steam for deodorizing process.

edible oil refining line
edible oil refining line

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