How to set up soybean oil plant project?

We can supply different capacities of soybean oil plant project for different customers' needs. No matter small cale plant for personal use or even large scale for commercial purpose. You can just trust on us for we have been in this field morn than 40 years and have got numerous clients across the world.
soybean oil production process
Soybean oil production process

Soybean oil plant project introduction:

Soybean oil plant project strat with soybean . Firstly the soybeans should be appropriately pretreated to get rid of unuseful impurities, and then seeds will be sent to soybean oil pressing machine to extract soybean oil out with screw oil press machine. However, this extracted oil contains phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and other impurities which should be removed from the oil for edible use.

There are several methods for soybean oil making. Generally, chemical extraction using hexane, with this method, the oil yield is typically aroud 19% (the dreg oil in meal is about 1%). Another method is mechanical pressing, with this method, however, the oil yield is always around 13% (the dreg oil in cake is about 7%). cold pressing the beans using a small hand operated seed oil press is the most available method for extracting the virgin soybean oil at home.

The crude oil extracted from soybeans needs further treatment to convert it to a bland, stable, nutritious product that is used in the manufacture of margarine, shortening, salad and cooking oil, mayonnaise, food products, oleochemicals.

In the complete soybean oil plant project, several processes may be used to produce an edible oil. We will deal mainly with the caustic filtering process, the most  widely used and probably the most reliable to produce a good quality oil.

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