How to purify oil?

oil refining machine
Oil refining machine

Crude oil consists of some water, fat dreg, and other impurities. How to purify oil? As oil machine manufacturer, I will answer you this question in details.
1. Natural clarification: This is the easiest way to purify oil. Defecator is always subuliform or semicircular-bottom cask. Firstly inject steam to heat defecator to 60-65℃ and direct oil passed though filter cloth to defecator, then add in salt solution times to salt out. Clarify for 5-6h until clear and moisture 0.05%, salt content 0.008%. After clarification, release lower sedimentary oil, while supernatant oil cool down quickly and turns to excellent product with exquisite texture, coincident color, and fine plasticity. But this method also costs rather long time and space, while oil consumpetion is also a big problem.
2. Pressure filter: We usually use plate pressure filter at 75-80℃, 200-300kPa pressure. Pressure filter suits for vacuum-refined oil.
3. Centrifugal separation: This methods utilizes centrifuge to remove impurities and water based on different density. Oil temperature must be kept around 100℃, 5000-6000r/min rotate speed, no more less than 3200r/min. Centrifugal separation suits continuous production with high speed.

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