How to get cottonseed oil?

The function of the cottonseed oil machine is to get cooking oil from cottonseed. For the whole cottonseed oil machine, there are three main sections. They are cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine, cottonseed oil solvent extraction machine and cottonseed oil refinery machine.
cottonseed oil processing machine
Cottonseed oil processing machine
Function of cottonseed oil machine:

The pretreatment and pressing production line in the cottonseed oil machine is used to make crude cottonseed oil from cottonseed.
cottonseed oil pressing machine
Cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine

The advantage of cottonseed oil solvent extraction machine is to get more oil from the cottonseed. When extracting the oil by solvent, the oil residues will be less than 1%. There are four main parts in the cottonseed oil solvent extraction line.
oil solvent extraction machine
Cottonseed  oil solvent extraction machine

After getting crude cottonseed oil from pretreatment section and solvent extraction section, the crude oil enters the refinery section. There are three main parts in cottonseed oil refinery machine.
oil refinery machine
Cottonseed oil reifnery machine

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