Which factors influence oil quality?

oil refining machine
Oil refining machine

Oil machines focus on oil refining, filtration, etc. How to choose most suitable oil refining machines? As oil machine manufacturer, let me show you factors influencing oil quality.
Colloid: Colloid impurities in oil increase mutual solubility of all triacylglycerol and oil viscosity, and inhibit crystallization. Meanwhile, colloidal interpolymer grow in low temperature, which reduces oil crystall filterableness. Thus, degumming process is necessary before other refining processes.
FFA(free fatty acid): FFA solubility in liquid oil is rather high, and easily creat interpolymer with saturated triacylglycerol, which brings part of saturated triacylglycerol into liquid oil and impedes crystallization and reduces solid fat yeild. When FFA content reaches 0.7%, FFA would influence oil crystallization and plasticity. Another point shows that moderate FFA can decrease crystallization temperature, especially solid FFA.

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