How to set up a edible oil refinery plant?

Nowadays ,we got many different cooking oils from supermarket,but do not know how to get it, and what’s of main cooking oil,our company mainly engaged in edible oil refinery machine,vegetable seeds oil plant, etc.
The main edible oil including:
1. Sunflower seeds oil
2. Rapeseed oil
3. Cotton seeds oil
4. Peanut oil
5. Palm oil
6. Rice bran oil
7. Corn germ oil
8. Sesame oil etc.

Edible oil refinery plant contains vegetable oil refining, animal oil refining, microbial oil refining. The crude oil refining production line can remove impurity of oil and obtain high quality standard finished refined oil through washed.
                                                             Small scale edible oil production line

The main technology of edible oil refinery plant including:
1. degumming,
2. alkali refining soap removal,
3. mixed proportion,
4. blenching,
5. filtration,
6. physical deacidification
7. and deodorization,
8. crystallization and maturing.

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